Millions of students 

will graduate from 

high school this year.

 How will your college's     incoming freshman stand

   out from the crowd?

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The Grad Hatter's 

2-in-1 Graduation Transition Stickers

have both colleges and their incoming students covered!

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We sell Graduation Transition Stickers to colleges and universities who then send them out to students in their acceptance letters!

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It's as easy as 1-2-3!

1. Mail Graduation Transition Stickers to incoming students!

2. Students share their pride on social media (#YourSchool) then place the bottom sticker on their graduation cap!

3. After the ceremony, students remove the top sticker and place it anywhere they want! 

BOOM!  Long-term advertising and swag... x 2!

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- Students love usable, free college swag -

- You love affordable, effective marketing -

Our dual purpose transition stickers 

give your college/university TWICE the visibility and impact 

while giving students TWICE the swag -

FIRST when placed on the graduation cap during the ceremony & celebrations, and then a SECOND time when the student places the top sticker any. where. they. like!

(and how many college students have an extra $15 to spend on a bumper sticker from the bookstore no matter how much they want it, am I right?!?!) 

Why pay for 2 separate products when The Grad Hatter has what you need in 1 ?

Just a few of the 2-color samples we've been working on!

Send us your own design or allow us to customize one for you!

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Top 10 Reasons Students Love Graduation Transition Stickers (drum roll........)

10.  They convey YOUR COLLEGE'S enthusiasm for and investment in their futures... and students FEEL that!

9.  They allow students to quickly share their exciting acceptance experiences via social media!

8.  They increase anticipation for the up-and-coming school year!

7.  They allow students to easily show others what they've accomplished and where they're headed with a  simple tip of the cap!  Plus, left on the cap temporarily, they make sweet graduation party decor!

6.  They clearly and meaningfully symbolize the transition from high school to their future when the tassel is moved from the right side of the cap to YOUR COLLEGE sticker on the left! (That's why we call them Graduation Transition Stickers)

5.  They're designed to fit all brands of mortar board, cause no damage to the cap, do not cover or interfere with the movement of the tassel, and are made in the USA!

4.  They are easy to use, apply, remove... and REUSE... for years to come!

3. They're classy, relevant, and fun... and students LOVE to personalize their gear!

2.  They reflect the sense of pride students feel to be attending YOUR college!

1.  TWICE the free college swag!

Finally, a product that works for both you and your students!

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Behind me is infinite power, before me is endless possibility, 

around me is boundless opportunity. 

Never miss an opportunity.