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Kadin Bartlett

Founder and CEO

I started the Grad Hatter last year when I was in 6th grade and participating in a program called Young Entrepreneur's Academy (YEA!).  After presenting to the investor panel,  I was chosen to present my idea at the Saunder's National Competition in Rochester, NYI even have a patent pending!

I got the idea for Graduation Transition Stickers after seeing individual students decorating their graduation caps at high school graduations (my mom and dad are teachers). Their decorations were interesting, but looked messy.  Instead, I thought it would be cool to see where each student was going to college since everyone was asking them anyway.  So I created a dual purpose sticker that students can use both AT the ceremony and AFTERWARDS to show their school pride!

My idea changed and grew over time, and, ultimately, we decided Graduation Transition Stickers would be an AMAZINGLY effective, and affordable marketing opportunity for colleges!

The Grad Hatter's Graduation Transition Stickers are uniform in appearance and size, promote further education, are simple to use, provide twice the advertising because of their sticker-on-a-sticker design, and make a simple yet bold statement that says, "pride, tenacity, and class!"