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Top 10 reasons your college should invest in the Grad Hatter's Graduation Transition Stickers:​

10. The Grad Hatter's innovative, dual purpose Graduation Transition Stickers provide affordable, large-scale, long-term advertising... x2! 


9. You get twice the coverage - FIRST through social media and during the 

graduation ceremony then a SECOND time when the student proudly places it on their laptop, tablet, water bottle, bike, car, etc!  


The Grad Hatter's Graduation Transition stickers are easy to use, cause no damage to the cap, are designed to fit ANY brand of mortar board, and do not cover or interfere with the movement of the tassel!

Students love free (heck, a bumper sticker would cost them $15.00 at the bookstore) and USEFUL college swag (x2!) and will be proud to let others know which college they will be attending after graduation!  Plus, who better to advertise to other students than their peers!?!

6.  Seeing where students are headed after graduation makes the ceremony that much more enjoyable for the people in attendance... and there will be hundreds of thousands of them! Imagine the impact of seeing YOUR college STAND OUT among a sea of graduates!

5.  Because our stickers are designed to be placed on the left side of the mortar board, the "Turning of the Tassel" takes on additional meaning - the symbolization of the student's graduation from high school and the transition to his/her future!  That's why we call them Graduation Transition Stickers!

4. Sending them out in your acceptance letters does not require a larger envelope or additional postage (they fit into a standard letter-sized envelope)!


. Graduation Transition Stickers are uniform in size and design, thus provide an unobtrusive and classy look to graduation caps!  Even high schools that are hesitant about cap decoration recognize the potential when they see how The Grad Hatter’s stickers discreetly promote higher education. This means no need to regulate individual designs or content! And, even if a student doesn't wear the sticker at graduation, you KNOW they will proudly place them in thousands of unique locations!

2. You can submit your own image or we can create one or more from which you can choose!  We suggest adding a unique hashtag to increase social media traffic.  You might even consider adding the graduation year!

1. Did we mention TWICE THE ADVERTISING in a design that's not only classy and innovative, but meaningful to and useful to students!?!?