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Who We Are

Why Not Make Your Own?

You certainly could, but...

  • Who has time for that!?! You're graduating! Why add one more thing to your plate?

  • Some schools don't allow decorated graduation caps because the appearance lacks uniformity, and it's hard to ensure and enforce appropriate individual designs.

  • Personally created designs are expensive, require time and energy, may not be completed in time for the ceremony, and may not turn out as expected (the same is true for any you might order).

The Grad Hatter's already got you covered!

  • You've earned this! That's why your college sent the sticker in your acceptance letter!

  • Simply tip your cap to answer the "where are you going college" question you'll be asked 100 times on graduation night! 

  • The crowd will enjoy the ceremony that much more!

  • Our stickers are classy and uniform in design and size! Plus, they promote education!

  • No need to run around looking for supplies, finding time to decorate your own, or worrying about whether it will arrive or be completed in time for the ceremony!

  • The Grad Hatter's stickers are already customized for any make of graduation cap, are easy to use, will not damage the cap, and do not interfere with the movement of the tassel!

  • Twice the swag; once you've graduated, remove the top sticker and place it anywhere you like! Show off your accomplishment a second time!

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